About Chirolife

The associate group company was incorporated in the year March 2000. During the time were into distribution and supplier of health care products like treadmills, bicycle trainers, cardio simulators, massage chairs, fitness training apparatus & equipment's, etc.

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What is Chirolife?

The word "Chiro" literally means "by the aid of the hands". "life" means existence of human being. The essence of "EXISTENCE" is to live & lead a healthy life with functional activity till the preceding end.

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Conceptualization of GelvolineTM

GelvolineTM ceramic used is a patented formation, structured and exclusively engineered for Chirolife merchandise products. It is a amalgamation of exclusively selected Premium quality Germanium, Elvan, Volcanic & Tourmaline solid mineral rocks.

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Why Free Demo?

In chirolife we believe that it is necessary for our member-customer to know about the construct of our product, how are the products used, how does it work and what is the working mechanism on our anatomy. In short, we have conceived & deemed that the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of our range of products is for our customer to experience treatment "first hand" and be convinced of its "effective potency" and have "integrated knowledge" before deciding to acquire it for beneficial usage in the comfort of their home or office.

Now the information about the "effective potency" & "integrated knowledge" of chirolife products cannot be imparted over the counter. To impart orientation every member-customer have to visit our "chirolife concourse therapy centre" for few days.

It is mandatory for all the member-customer to attend these practical sessions everyday. So along with the concourse when they take full demo, they will be fully equipped to assess the product (both practically & theoretically). once they find these interesting, they will take out more time to get to know our other various merchandise commodities. Member-customers confidence & faith is very valuable to us. They will trust and purchase our products only when they will get complete knowledge and experience. This helps members in knowing our products better. They will get acquainted & familiar with our products. Members will be always satisfied & will value what they are getting from our products.
After they purchase they will be able to exhibit & guide people in their surrounding sphere of life like family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances etc about the favourable usage of chirolife products.

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