The associate group company was incorporated in the year March 2000. During the time were into distribution and supplier of health care products like treadmills, bicycle trainers, cardio simulators, massage chairs, fitness training apparatus & equipment's, etc.

Then ventured into manufacturing of health instruments, physiotherapy equipment, fitness training products under the brand name of universal.

Our core emphasis is on strengthening the immune system & thereby providing sound health and sense of well-being.

It has been our constant endeavour to stay connected with our member--customer. The corporate brand statement Take care u are precious captures the essence of what the organization stands for. As a socially responsible company we have made it a everyday habit to create & instil HAPPINESS OF WELLNESS & ENERGY in all the lives we touch.

We will sparkplug a healthy & happy life idea to everyone in everyone and every family with high quality products, reasonable price and effective after sales service.

We are not only expanding in the domestic market but also global overseas market.