Daniel David Palmer founder chiropractic in 1890's and called it "a science of healing without drugs". chiropractic Is a widely established and practised in USA, Canada and Australia. Chiropractic is a form of alternative method of healing for mechanical disorder of the musculoskeletal system.

As of 2014, the national board of chiropractic examiners state "the specific focus of chiropractic practise is knowing as the chiropractic subluxation or joint dysfunction. A subluxation is a health concern that manifests in the skeletal joints and through complex anatomical and physiological relationship, affects the nervous system and lead to reduced function and illness".

Chiropractic therapy assists in correcting muscles and connecting tissues (such as cartilage, ligaments, tendons) dysfunction. The therapy offers a natural conservative treatment approach that facilitates in relieving musculoskeletal (muscles, joints, bones) disorder. The benefits may include increase in blood circulation, relaxing muscles, relieving muscle pain and spasm. It accelerates individual’s mobility movement patterning and gives core stability to neuromuscular coordination.

Proponents are of the opinion that the basic concepts of chiropractic are :

(i) The body has a powerful self healing ability.

(ii) The body's spinal structure and its functions are closely related, and this relationship affects the general health via the nervous system.

(iii) Chiropractic therapy is given with the goals of normalizing this relationship between structure and function and assisting the body as it heals.