Conceptualization of GelvolineTM

GelvolineTM ceramic used is a patented formation, structured and exclusively engineered for Chirolife merchandise products. It is a amalgamation of exclusively selected Premium quality Germanium, Elvan, Volcanic & Tourmaline solid mineral rocks.

It is a pure unadulterated ceramic crafted & constituted to give therapeutic effects on human anatomy. The integrated subtotal properties assist in the remedy of various indisposed ailments & discomforted aches/pains. It accelerates individual's mobility & gives core stability thereby strengthening the immune system and providing sense of wellness.


Germanium is a lustrous silvery-grey "METALLOID" which means it has properties of both metals and non-metals. It has electrical characteristic and therefore is a semiconductor. Germanium has a compact band-gap, or the easier ability for electrons to jump to a higher energy state and therefore merge positively with each other ions in human body and dynamically move between electric currents. Germanium atoms has equal number of electrons and protons in the outer shell and proponents say that because of its unique attribute it could be beneficial to health. It is supposed to improve the immune system, has antioxidant properties and therefore has been used in diverse therapeutic in the genre of moxibustion, acupuncture etc that enhances well being


Elvan is a type of igneous rock comprising large porpynitic crystal of quartz. These rocks are graded as hemi-crystalline rocks. The formation of this mineral is due to pheumatoytic action by vapours but probably before it had entirely cooled and eventually over ages have suffered physiological changes through decomposition and silification. Because of its distinctive composite feature it has been given to understand that this trace mineral provides restorative effect to the various functions of the anatomy like anti-ageing, stress & fatigue and many more.

Volcanic rocks

Volcanic rock is a rock formed from magma erupted from volcano. The atoms & molecules of melted minerals are what make up magma. The atoms & molecules rearrange themselves into fine mineral grains as the magma cools & solidifies forming volcano rocks. There are various categories of volcanic rocks according to their chemical compositions & texture. Only the non-detrimental, non-hazardous,& non-toxic high grade volcanic rocks are cautiously selected and utilized in the process. This unambiguous construct of volcano rock formed from magma has immense therapeutic advantages on the body structure of humans. It rejuvenates & provides multiple benefits.


Tourmaline is basically a crystalline boron silicate mineral, compounded with trace elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium or potassium etc. Scientifically tourmaline is not a single mineral but a group consolidation of minerals related in their physical & chemical properties. Tourmaline has got a very unique special ability to generate an electric charge, emits negative ions & Far Infrared Rays. Tourmaline assist the body to rebuild the endocrine system & lymphatic system. It helps in removing elements that have negative effect on the physical well being of an individual. It enhances the flow of oxygen reserves. It has the potential to promote anatomical repair.