Massage Bed

It is a product that combines traditional and modern concepts. It moves evenly along your spine based on the principles of modern concept of chiropractic combined with traditional principles of moxibustion and massage points.
Internally it gives effect of these following principles of which some are traditional concept and some are modern concept.

Digital Remote Control

Digital remote helps in controlling the temperature of heat that flows internally and externally. It also displays on which vertebrae your roller is, whether it moving downward or upward, whether your cervical roller is rolling or not rolling.

18 Ball Projector

There is an 18 ball external heating projector which can be used on stomach, abdomen, thighs, knees, under the knee calves.

5 Ball Projector

5 ball projector can be used on any covet area of the body especially to the areas which is hard to reach.

heating rollers

There are three types of internal moving heating rollers. These are made up of gelvoline solely and specifically designed for the cervical area, ensures to provide inch-perfect acupressure on certain points, concurrently transmitting invariable benefits.
These rollers made in a way as to mimic the effects of three fingers and thumb so as to provide the desired acupressure effect of massage.

First roller moves on cervical area

It is crafted in a way that it gives the benefit of each of our principals altogether (I.e., massage, heat, acupressure, acupuncture, moxibustion, chiropractic, negative ion therapy) relaxing the nerves originating from these areas. The problems are arising due to compression of nerves of the cervical region and the therapy provided by the cervical rollers is particularly beneficial for the same.
It goes forward and reverse so you can adjust the speed, increase/decease. Speed limit is upto 3. In this way you can control the speed of the rollers.
Gives fast relief in:
Nausea, hearing disorders, deafness, thyroid, sleeplessness, restless legs while sleeping, snoring, cataract, glaucoma, high/low blood pressure, blood clots, memory loss, problems with concentration, numbness, headaches, migraine, neck pain, stiff neck and many more.

The second roller moves on thoracic area and the third roller moves on lumber area

benefiting of each of our principals put together (I.e., massage, heat, acupressure, acupuncture, moxibustion, negative ion, chiropractic theory) de-stresses the nerves emanating from these areas. Furthermore, luxuriate yourself in these two rollers that moves on thoracic and on lumber area synchronously.
It gives relief in:
arthritis, hunchback(kyphosis), scoliosis, osteoporosis, back pain, knee pain, leg pain, disc problem, sciatica and many more.