What is Chirolife ?

The word "Chiro" literally means "by the aid of the hands". "life" means existence of human being. The essence of "EXISTENCE" is to live & lead a healthy life with functional activity till the preceding end.

The conceived and the eternal fact is that the SPINE is the most dominant part of the anatomy. Improper function of the spine due to misalignment may cause core imbalance either of neurological or muscular-skeletal system. Even minimal malfunction of the spine may alter the regular transmission of nerve impulses preventing that portion of the body from responding optimally. Our main base product Thermic Massager Bed consists of 2 internal heating projector roller using GELVOLINE TM ceramic which is a amalgamation of germanium, elvan, volcanic & tourmaline solid mineral rock. The internal projector for the cervical area moves along the cervical portion and provides pressure, massages, heating etc effect. The other internal projector roller moves along the spine but without touching the spine. It focuses on the soft tissues located along the spine, muscles, joints, tenders, etc. It gives therapeutic effect uniformly for improved feeling of health management & enhances sense of wellness.

The procedure interprets the manner in which the hands are used and manoeuvred on the back portion of the body (spine or spinal cord & cervical) with uniformity. But here the process is conducted by an apparatus with several parts each with a definite function and together performing the task for the restorative comfort of the anatomical environment to recuperate.